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I found myself in Florida recently on a bit of a spanking holiday...

I was invited to the 'Stand-Your-Ground' state by a caning enthusiast who has a passion for waltzing and striping my lily white behind. We had such a blast playing all night that I fell asleep and forgot to charge my phone and completely missed my date with destiny. Destiny, of course, being Dallas of Dallas Spanks Hard. I mean, a trip to the South of Florida just wouldn't be complete with out a visit to Dallas' house. He was even kind enough to pick me up from my hotel... which I wasn't at... because I passed out and forgot to charge my phone

and... get the picture?

I was in big trouble and Dallas was not going to let me wiggle my way out of this one.

I got strapped for being a very irresponsible young lady in Spankcation on

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