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Nikki Rouge, Disciplinarian

Now that I live in Las Vegas, it only seemed right that I get in touch with my neighbors over at Shadow Lane. I was super excited when they invited me over to beat two very naughty friends of mine, tiny cutie Violet October and busty newbie Summer Hart. These ladies get the guidance they desperately need when they a forced to attend my class on being a productive member of society. But it is soon obvious that these two have no intention of buckling down and behaving. Lucky for them my program doesn't let them off that easy and when ladies are out of line, in this class they get spanked. Classic OTK, paddling, and caning are administered to these two brats. In the end, the girls get the upper hand when they catch me stumbling back in to the school late one evening after a wid costume party. They ladies give me a taste of my own medicine and have me questioning my life choices.

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