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  • NikkiRouge

Spanking Live on Stage

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I helped to produce and star in this heavy corporal scene that features 3 never before seen models Star, Luna and Jinx, all taking intense impact from myself and Mistress Snow Mercy. Also featuring my friend, model Ekho Kumori as the final pledge.

Snow Mercy and I are Head Mistresses in a super secret spanking society. And it is time once again to initiate new members. Each new member to our society must pass a test of taking 50 strokes with 5 implements each in front of the entire society. Whips, paddles, canes, straps were all used. But just to drive home the point,I decide to take the first 50 to show these newbies how it is done.

Spanked in front of members of our secret spanking society, Spanking Live on Stage is for the true spanking conseiur.

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