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  • NikkiRouge

Our Sorority Hell Week with Snow Mercy, Sophia Locke, and Mary Jane.

My recent trip to Las Vegas produced the all girl spank-a-thon Hell Week for Shadow Lane. Featuring the heavy handed stylings of Snow Mercy and Myself as the Senior Sisters just trying to keep those unruly, unappreciative freshmen in line. And who better to play the role of naughty freshman but Spanked Sweetheart Mary Jane and webcam phenom Sophia Locke. Both young freshman with ample bottoms as well as ample excuses as to why they are drinking the house wine rather than studying for exams! Retribution in the form of OTK is quick to put these girls in their place, but that is just the beginning as these freshmen girls learn what it is to be a Lamda Sigma Zeta!

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