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  • NikkiRouge

The Real Spanking Court

Sometimes being a naughty girl lands you in all sorts of crazy places… the courtroom being one of them. My bad ass recently found itself in the court of Judge Spanks, who hands out corporal punishment in lew of prison time in the Real Spanking Court.

I was brought to before the judge by my cheap husband who refused to support me in the lifestyle I so richly deserved. Of course he whined about me spending all his money, but really, how does he expect me to function with out my designer shoes and expensive clothes. Judge Spanks was having none of my defense. He wasn’t even mildly swayed by how pretty I looked in his drab little court room. He totally took my husbands side! The NERVE!!! SO I was sentenced to 150 strokes with the leather paddle, which I took like a champ. But then that rotten husband of mine brought me back before the judge, complaining that I refused to curb my spending habits. Who? ME??!! I explained to the judge that my spending habits had indeed been curbed, and that I was staying out of all the expensive department stores that got me in trouble the first time. Instead I was languishing away at home ,taking care of my rotten husband like a good little wife should. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t appreciate my efforts to dress him properly buy shopping online. I shopped sales, I tell you… SALES!!! But oh no… the mean old judge took my stupid husbands side and sentenced me to 150 with the wooden paddle and then 30 extra with the cane for good measure. How RUDE!!!

Well, I can tell you that I learned a real lesson at the Spanking Court… that divorce is less painless then being married to a cheapskate!

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