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  • NikkiRouge

Spanked Call Girls with Mama Clare and Newbie Nena

How much do I love getting spanked by the wonderful, slap happy Clare Fonda? Head on over to Spanked Call Girls to find out. In this prime example of spankosity, I play Mama Clare’s favorite little whore who brings in some fresh meat for Mama to pimp out.

But unbeknownst to me, Mama Clare is none to happy with my performance of late. Apparently, I am a lazy, ungrateful little whore. Who knew? To prove a point, I am taken over Mama’s lap for a good old-fashioned lesson in who really wears the stilettos in this whorehouse. Clare packs quite a slap, but nothing stings more than the hair brush she keeps hidden in her hand bag for just such an occasion. The hairbrush stings my ass like a pimp slap and has me ready to show Mama Clare the money! Mama Clare then takes Nena over her knee in Nena’s first ever (really… first time ever!!!) spanking. Nothing is hotter than seeing Nena’s newbie ass get blistered under Mama Clare’s tireless hand. In the end, she had us both rubbing our bottoms and promising to be good little whores.

And do we learn our lesson? Nah… because that would be too easy. In our second round with Mama Clare, TWO ungrateful little whores are chastised for being rude to clients (Who?!? Me!?!? Rude?!? NEVER!!!) and for being ungrateful, obnoxious tenants while bunking out in Mama’s guest house. For that we get another round of punishment on our sore rear ends. And what a surprise to see that wicked little hair brush make another appearance on my bottom. Mama Clare shows us no mercy and promises that if we don’t shape up, and ship out of her guest house soon, that we are going to be in for a very rude awakening…

The grand finale is my favorite, because not only is Mama Clare the one to get her hands on Nena’s new behind, but I get a few whacks in on that curvaceous naughty bottom. Hooray for newbies!!! Taking Mama Clare’s warning to heart, I try to beat some sense into Nena’s behind before she gets us both canned from Mama’s harem… or worse!

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