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  • NikkiRouge

Lipstick Lesbian Spank with Snow Mercy

How much do I love Shadow Lane, let me count the strokes… I went to Las Vegas to visit the lovely Eve Howard. My travel companion, the beautiful and sexy Snow Mercy accompanied me and we got a little slap happy in the City of Sin. The fruit of our labor can be seen in the latest Shadow Lane release Lipstick Lesbian Spank.

I play Petra, a frisky little lesbian who is madly in love with Josette (Snow Mercy). And as in any relationship, issues of jealousy rear their ugly head between this sexy duo. But unlike other couples, these ladies solve their differences with… you guessed it, Spanking! Petra is the first to lose her cool after she witnesses Josette flirting with a cute barista at the local cafe. Petra ignores Josette’s pathetic attempts to placate her as she takes her beautiful girlfriend over her knee for a hard spanking. After much squirming and denying, Josette finally admits to flirting with another woman and apologizes to her angry girlfriend while her behind continues to get roasted.

But the tables a quickly turned when Josette, after a trip to the city, spies her lover Petra disappearing into a questionable residence with a rock n’roll boy she just met. Incensed, Josette takes the unapologetic Petra over her knee in a vengeful spanking that leaves Petra begging for mercy. The punishment escalates when Josette learns that Petra was doing DRUGS with her new-found friend, resulting in a paddling that young Petra’s behind will not soon forget. Josette is so angry that she strips Petra bare and turns her over her knee for a firm bare bottomed spanking that has her lover squealing for forgiveness.

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