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Sorority Girl Spank

Who doesn’t want to see a sorority girl get the cane? Especially if that girl is me, looking quite innocent as a blonde. My latest shoot for Dallas Spanks Hard was just spanktastic! Dallas brought out the big guns for my fourth video with the Spanks Hard Corporation. Canes, paddles, and my favorite the Canadian Prison Strap all make a cameo in this wonderful spanking romp that is sure to get your pimp hand itching to smack that ass.

I played Rosemary, a cute little social climber just trying to get ahead at her ivy league school. But in her quest for the top she commits the ultimate faux pas, sleeping with the sorority president’s boyfriend. Now it’s time for pay back. Little does dear Rosemary know, but Omega Theta Kappa is seeped in a tradition of discipline and pride dating back to the Mayflower days. And wouldn’t you know, but both lessons are administered by the sinister and strict Mr. Blak. With social ostracization looming over her head, Rosemary takes the plunge and agrees to participate in a sorority ritual known simply as The Bucket.

As she soon discovers, The Bucket is a place were punishment is administered and respect is learned. After a stern talking to from Mr. Blak about the meaning of pride and sisterhood, the spanking begins. The cane is first up and there was no holding back on Rosemary’s round, fair behind. With every stroke she learns what it means to be a sister in OTK.

There were plenty of implements brought out of Mr. Blak’s dark closet. A plastic tube cane and flogger that looked harmless enough, but stung like hell in the hands of Dallas the Great. At the end of the video, with a very red ass at his mercy, Dallas informs poor Rosemary of her final fate. It seems that Rosemary’s fellow sister, Snow, as requested that the Canadian Prison Strap be used on her sore and battered behind. In the end, Rosemary learns just how bruising sorority life can really be.

And what trip to Dallas’ House of Pain would be complete with out a Nikki Rouge outtake reel. This time I turn the spanking bucket into my own personal jacuzzi with a wiggle and a shake of my red behind! The video is now available on Dallas Spanks Hard.

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