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Ginger Smacks with Sophie Nova

Wow! I’ve been busy, let me tell you. I just remodeled my patio in a St. Petersburg, Florida trailer park theme, complete with Astroturf and a splash pool. The splash pool even has a hillbilly sea life murals across the bottom. It’s tits!

My roomie, Panda and I have been out on the patio enjoying the wonderful SVF weather. Summer hasn’t quite hit the beaches yet, but here in the Valley, the weather is perfect. Suck it, west side nerds!!!

I also celebrated my birthday this month with a trip to 6 Flags Magic Mountain! I seriously love roller coasters. I even watched Final Destination 3 before I went so I would be extra scared. Never seen it? Rent it! You’ll never look a mechanical devices the same way again!!! My best friend and I ended the night with a competitive game of Wii bowling. Winner spanks looser kind of competition:) I am a big believer of being able to turn any game type activity into either a drinking game or a spanking game. And some times playing to much of one will often lead to the other.

So what else have I been up to in this west coast summer. Spanking of course! I’ve been getting my buns blistered! And I’m not the only one with blistered buns. Check out Dallas’ latest gem Ginger Smacks.

My dear bubble butted cousin from across the pond, Sophie Nova becomes another crimson victim of The Hand that never tires!!! Sophie, an avid latex lover and plimsoll enthusiast shines as Cousin Sophie in this summer romp that you’re not gonna want to miss. We get our comeuppance for our rebellious ways when Dallas brings the hairbrush of death out of the closet. It was given to him by a retired doctor! Who knew!!!

Some of the highlights from the video include what Dallas calls “my rotisserie blistered rump roast method” Method is copyright…… tm… registered trade mark of the Spanks Hard Corp. All rights reserved.

This involves Sophie and I clinging to each other for dear life while rotating in a circle as Dallas “turns the spit” with his leather belt. Our biscuits were burning by the time we stopped turning, I’ll tell you that!

There is also some red bum karaoke from yours truly included on the DVD’s outtakes. Dallas and I were getting a little quality karaoke time in after the shoot when he told me about a friend and fellow spanker that had a thing for girls in daisy dukes with crimson bottoms. So I decided to give him a little tease while singing, what else… “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppord! It’s sort of my way of giving back to the fans, ya know…

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