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The 5th Kind

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The 5th Kind

My neighbor Dallas likes to spank hard. So he started this a website, Dallas Spanks Hard a few years back and now he gets to spank hot naughty girls for a living. You can find all sorts of fun hard core spankings on his website, including mine.

Dallas decided to tan my hide after I received a bill for over $600 in unpaid parking tickets. I was living in Los Feliz at the time and the parking was shit . Why was it shit? Maybe because the city likes to read reports of pretty, helpless bartenders getting mugged while walking a mile to their apartment @ 3 am because there is no fucking parking on her street… maybe that’s why….

Who knows… Anyhow, I was out to lunch with my friend Heather one fine afternoon when the city decided to impounded my poor little car. Needless to say, I took care of the tickets right away and I’m sure it will never happen again (because now I have a garage). But Dallas caught wind of the situation and he invited me over for a little backside conversation.

I was told the concept of the video when I walked in the door. A spoof of the movie the 4th Kind. Awesome! I love aliens! I was to portray Dr. Nikki Rouge, the lovable but crazy doctor next door who is always getting in to trouble. And Dallas plays the alien that spanks me!