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Here you will find answers to some of the questions I get asked most frequently.  


Please be aware that the sessions I offer are


I do NOT offer FSSW (full service sex work) 

no extras, no GFE, no fluid exchange, no oral, no intercourse


Is there any kind of play you won't do?

Yes! I have limits and I expect them to be respected just as I will respect all of your limits. I play safe, sane and consensual (S.S.C) and risk aware only. Please come to session well groomed and not under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

My Limits:

-NO SEX or penetration of myself during in person, real time private sessions 

-I will not do or discuss any acts (sexual or physical) of or with person(s) under 18

-I will not do or discuss any type of abuse of animals or insects

-I will not discuss or participate in role play involving any type of incest

-No race play

-No public play

-No forced intox

-No blackmail or extortion play

-No breath play, hanging, crucifying, cutting, branding, or any type of blood play

-No intense medical play or procedures like needles or sounds

-NO SCAT or toilet play.

-I am not interested in any play that is non-consensual

-I do NOT provide sub or bottom sessions

-I do NOT provide outcall sessions to private residences

-I do NOT provide private party services

-I do NOT provide "auditions" or in person consultations

-I do not provide GFE, not a 'sugar baby', and I do not provide companionship

-If I have blocked you on social media you will be denied a session 

-I can not smoke cigarettes or cigars

First Time Clients- If you are booking a session with me for the first time,  you will need to provide me with references from providers you have seen in the past or ID to pass screening.

Please remember to be polite, respectful and thorough with your requests. If you are rude or vague, you will be ignored. When in doubt please use BDSM protocol/ honorific terms when addressing me. I dislike pet names and strangers who are overly familiar.

What kinds of sessions do you do?

Judicial Corporal Punishment

Spanking/ Discipline/ OTK

Flogging/Caning/ Paddling/Impact Play

Role Play/Psychodrama/Mind Games 

Foot Fetish/Boot Worship/Heel Worship

Trampling/Smothering/non-nude Face Sitting

Rope Bondage/Prediciment Bondage

Physical or Verbal Humiliation/Degradation/SPH /CFNM

Tease & Denial, edging, orgasm denial

Ball Busting/CBT,


Hot Wax/Ice/Heat/Sensation play

Electro Play/E-stim/PES

Animal Role Play

Mummification/Sensory Deprivation



Nipple Play/Clamps,

Tickle Play,

Financial Domination

Chastity/Key Holding

Public Dinner Date

Public Shopping Date

3 Person Sessions

Lesbian Cuckhold voyeur session

Double Domme Session

Fem Dom/ Fem sub sessions - voyeur session

Co Top your submissive/partner or provide instructional sessions to couples

Are you available today?

Nope. I require at least 48 HOURS of notice before honoring any bookings in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. One week notice is required for FMTY. If you would like to pay to expedite your session, that can be arranged. Please understand that I may not be able to accommodate your last minute request no matter the rate and booking 2 weeks to a month in advance is highly recommended.

I can't go to your incall. Any chance you can just come to my place?

I do not session at private residences. I will NEVER do an outcall session at a location I do not know is safe. I offer outcall to Las Vegas area hotels or I offer incall sessions at Mercy Studio LA, a beautiful, well equipped dungeon space in Los Angeles that hosts many kinky amenities. Photos of Mercy Studio LA can be found online.

Would love to book an over night session? 

I do not offer over night sessions

Do I need to give you a deposit?

I now require deposits for ALL sessions. Deposits range from $80 -$200 depending upon the session location. FMTY deposits are always half the session fee up front. Deposits can be payed by prepay credit card or gift card. I do not accept deposits via cash apps, venmo, or paypal. If you cancel you don't get your money back. If I cancel, your deposit will be refunded 100%. Deposits are not a scam. They protect me from paying the cost of flaky clients and they guarantee your spot on my calendar. Please understand that I will NOT make any plans for your sessions with out a deposit. 

What do you require for FMTY?

FMTY (fly me to you) is when you pay for me to come to your location for a session. Please note that all FMTY sessions require a deposit and travel arrangements (flight, hotel, uber, etc) to be made by you up front. I will always require separate lodging from you, as I do not offer over night sessions. Also note that I do not offer outcall to personal residences. This means I will never visit your house, apartment, etc. All FMTY session time will be hosted from the hotel room you have booked for my stay. Exceptions will be made for space booked at a commercial dungeon in your area. I very occasionally do tours. Join my mailing list and keep updated on tours, shows, travel notices, etc.

What is a Half Day session?

A half day session is 6 hours or less, and is usually booked by someone when they plan on spending time with me publicly and privately. Up to 3 hours of play time can be reserved for half day sessions and they are a good option for those that want to spend time getting to know me :)

Can you come to my birthday party and spank me?

Yes! I offer party and event shows and services. I will come dressed in latex or leather and spank, tease, and torment your guests! Please remember these are BDSM services. No extras or FSSW is offered at anytime. ALL play is safe, sane, consensual. Performances are crafted to the comfort level of your party. 

I want to be your personal slave Mistress, how do I apply?

You apply by spending money online on sessions, clips, skype shows, only fans... There is only one way to catch my attention, and that is by paying tribute. Please be aware, my personal slaves are required to tribute $$$ monthly. If you are not able to satisfy me financially, please do not apply. Slaves may serve both online and in person. Online key holding is an option. Please note, I am NOT a lifestyle Domme looking for a submissive partner. 

Can I video our session together Mistress?

This can be discussed. If I agree to let you video tape, session rate will be double or more depending on the session.

Do you offer in person consultations or can we meet up before our time together to discuss?

Needless to say, if you are meeting me in person it is because you actually intend to session with me, you have brought your tribute with you in cash and all the necessary things you need to play.

For first time meetings, I offer a chance to discuss our time together immediately prior to our play, to be sure we are on the same page and to discuss limits. I DO NOT OFFER meetings, dates or in person consultations to discuss future time reservations. I offer payed dates, so if you are interested in my time for a meet and greet, that can be arranged.

Can we chat about our time together over the phone?

I make all my arrangements via EMAIL or TEXT for appointments. I will not call you to discuss our time together on the phone. I prefer to have a written record of all conversations to avoid miscommunications. All booking requests can be made via Session Booking Page. Fantasy bookers and time wasters be aware, if you are overly sexual in your email, you will be ignored. 


What are your rates?

My rates start at $300 per hour and increase from there. A full break down of my rates can be found on my Tryst profile. Each session is different and prices can vary. If you would like me to quote you a tribute for my time, please fill out my booking form and I will get back to you with a rate quote, if your request is something I can accommodate.  I will not negotiate the tributes I set for our time together. I fully understand that not everyone can afford to spend time with me. All tributes are agreed upon in writing via email  and are always settled up front, in CASH, at the beginning of our time together.  I offer my time by the hour and I do not pro-rate. ALL bookings require a deposit.  


What payment methods do you accept?

If you are booking an in person session, payment in CASH will be made at the beginning of the session. If a deposit is required to reserve your time, then arrangements can be made with me via email after you submit your booking form.

You didn't respond to my booking request? 

Please give me at least 24 hours to respond to all booking requests. If you booking is too vague or sexual, Ill probably ignore it because I will assume you are a time waster/fantasy booker. Please fill out the booking form in as much detail as possible. The more info I have, the faster the booking process. If you don't hear back from me within 48 hours, please assume that your booking is not something I am willing to do.


I would love to take you out to dinner in exchange for play. How does that sound?

No. I do not exchange play for food or gifts. If you would like to take me to dinner, a payed date can be arranged. Please remember my time is NEVER free. 


Do you ever  do double sessions with other providers ?

Yes. I know many wonderful submissives, switches and Dominants. If you are interested in a two or multi person session please let me know when booking.

Can I have sex with you?

No. I do not provide any type of penetration or sexual services during in person sessions.


Do you provide time with female clients?


I can't put any of the necessary arrangements on my credit card because my  (wife, company, grandma, etc)  will find out. Can you make the arrangements?

No. I do not front money. This includes paying for play space, special toys, outfits, travel, or any other accommodation that you may require.

I want to buy you something to wear . What size are you?

All that information can be found in the About Me section of my website. Wish List is available on

I'm really good at eating pussy. Can I eat your pussy?

No. I do not offer sexual services of any kind, including oral sex.

I can't make it to our scheduled time. Can we reschedule?

Yes. I do offer to reschedule sessions in some cases. However, a deposit may be required to re book your session if you are a repeat offender. If you no call, no show, you will be permanently blocked. If you cancel with less than 24 hour notice, a deposit of 1/2 the tribute will be required before you are rescheduled.

What are your covid protocols?

I am vaccinated and boosted. I am happy to make extra safety arrangements (covid testing, k95 masks during session, etc) 

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